Mind the gap – how to get the most out of an age diverse salesforce ... or your fee-earners

Huthwaite International, the global trainer services provider and behaviour change specialist, published a remarkable article titled "Mind the gap – how to get the most out of an age diverse salesforce", exploring "some of the common attitudinal differences between new and traditional sellers and explaining how to harmonise your team for maximum performance".

Sellers? Salesforce? Don't worry, we understand that attorneys and partners in law firms would never refer to themselves as "sellers" but in reality, they are measured but a combination of matters won (sales success) and service quality delivered. Reading the article, one will find a myriad of interesting insights which will help to better understand the age gap and how to address it.

Huthwaite's experts looked at seven key areas and how they would related to the creation of a higher performance team. 

These are: 

  • Attitudes to each other
  • Attitudes to work
  • Selling skill development
  • Sales recruitment
  • Remuneration
  • Technology
  • The intergenerational gap between seller and customer.

So, when reading the article, just always replace "sellers" with "fee-earners" or "attorneys" and think of "customers" as "clients". The insights gained from it are worthwhile.