RSVP for first Johannesburg Legal Tech Meetup ("Perspectives")

There are many ideas and views of what "Legal Tech" is about or not. Instead of an academic debate, we aim to practically explore the different aspects of what Legal Tech could offer to clients from all strands of life.
For this meetup (RSVP:, free of charge), we will focus on the success factors of every legal technology initiative: change management, enablement/empowerment and human-centred design resulting in a new "user interface".

We are grateful to welcome these remarkable speakers who will share their ideas and concepts in that regard:

  • Robert de Rooy (BComm, LLB, MBA), is a commercial attorney based in Cape Town with 20 years’ experience. He is also the developer of the Comic Contract, the world’s first fully illustrated contract that illiterate people can understand and sign.

  • Warren Hero is the CDO/CIO of Webber Wentzel and former CTO for Microsoft SA. Change and empowerment are at the core of his beliefs and reflected in his many contributions to the profession and communities.

  • Craig Wymer is the Artificial Intelligence Team Lead at Lexis Nexis. He is a member of the developer team that won the South African leg of the Global Legal Hackathon.