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The Meetup will offer two perspectives:

1) How legal tech can positively influence the potential inequality between large and small law firms
2) What we can learn (or benefit) from Silicon Valley to achieve a similarly innovative and competitive legal tech landscape

To demonstrate the local capabilities, the Meetup will see the launch of a new workflow-driven compliance platform, made in Johannesburg.

Our speakers:
Adine Abro, former equity partner at several global law firms turned legal entrepreneur and founder of her own highly successful construction and litigation boutique firm, will look at the significance of agile, technology-enabled processes. Albeit by far smaller than her competitors, Adine has successfully established herself and a growing team by rethinking client and service delivery processes and leveraging technology as much as possible.

Sherisa Rajah, a labour, employment and human rights lawyer in Fasken’s Johannesburg office, public speaker, commentator - in short: a passionate and dynamic legal entrepreneurial mind - will talk about the first-ever Young Investment Roadshow of under-35s to Silicon Valley, California. The diverse group engaged with tech entrepreneurs on opportunities as well as adverse consequences on the local population and issues around diversity and inclusion. More than just exposure, the group also looked for practical commercial opportunities between Bay Area companies and South Africa.